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Cookies and Privacy Information for Mobile Portal

Privacy overview

Date Published: 05-08-2012
Versions: 1

Portal makes use of the following cookie and related technologies for the described purposes below. These disclosures are made consistent with Blackboard privacy policies and regulations such as the EU Privacy directive. For more information visit our Privacy Center at

About cookies

A cookie is a file issued from a website, Internet based application or Internet delivered content to an end user’s connected device (e.g. web browser, smartphone, etc). Cookies may be used to uniquely identify a user. They may be used to track individual preferences and other information about a user. Blackboard products use this technology to provide secure learning experiences, track usage and manage application performance. Third party content may be embedded on pages within Blackboard products. This third party content may include cookies from the content issuer. See third party cookies (below) for more details.

How this product obtains end user consent for cookies

A visitor connecting to the website that hosts this product will be issued cookies that are strictly necessary for security and application performance as described below. The user may not use the product without the cookies.

First party cookies and related technologies

[Provide Disclosures using these examples as guides.]


Cookie Name


More Information



A hash value to identify the user session.


User tab preferences


Stores information about the last tab that was open across different views within the application.

There are multiple views where this cookie is used. Root->Organizations, Root->Developer Accounts, etc. Essentially, wherever views have tabs.

User UI preferences


Remembers what elements were open in the sidebar.


User drawer preferences


Remembers the drawer used to display or hide the sidebar.

Only available when you have admin or root permissions in portal. This is currently not available to our clients/ end-users.

Login E-mail


Remembers the email address that was used to login.

If the Remember Me button is not enabled, this cookie does not store any information.

Third party cookies

Content and Tools used in conjunction with Blackboard products may install additional cookies on your computer. We have made an effort to collect and note these items below for disclosure. These cookies are subject to privacy policies of the issuing site or service and not controlled by Blackboard or the institution operating Blackboard software. Organizations using Blackboard products should examine the content provided and determine if this material is consistent with their privacy policies. If you do not agree with the use of cookies in the following manner, as well as outlined by the applicable organization which controls the cookie, do not use the applicable product.

Storage of user preferences and personal information

Users Preferences and Personal Information Stored Locally on your Computer or Terminal Device

This application stores user preferences and/or personal information on the terminal device or computer that accesses this product.



Potential for Disclosure to Other Users


User UI preferences

Various cookies are stored to remember your place in the application.

Users with access of the same computer could find out what was being worked on, but none of the data stored in the application.

Clear browser cookies.

Session & Login Information

This application stores your user session locally in a browser cookie (noted above). This cookie persists until you log out of the Blackboard Portal application.

If you fail to log out of the application and leave the terminal device without closing the entire browser application, this information could be used by other users of the same terminal device or computer.

Log out of the Blackboard Portal application.

Requesting removal of private information

To remove stored materials from this service contact Blackboard Mobile.

Tracking of activities and usage

This software does not capture analytics.