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Cookies and Privacy Information for Mobile Central

Privacy overview

Date Published: 05-09-2012
Versions: Android, iOS, Blackberry and Mobile Web

Mobile Central makes use of the following cookie and related technologies for the described purposes below. These disclosures are made consistent with Blackboard privacy policies and regulations such as the EU Privacy directive. For more information visit our Privacy Center at

About cookies

A cookie is a file issued from a website, Internet based application or Internet delivered content to an end user’s connected device (e.g. web browser, smartphone, etc). Cookies may be used to uniquely identify a user. They may be used to track individual preferences and other information about a web user. Blackboard products use this technology to provide secure learning experiences, track usage and manage application performance. Third party content may be embedded on pages within Blackboard products. This third party content may include cookies from the content issuer. See third party cookies (below) for more details.

How this product obtains end user consent for cookies

A visitor using this product will be issued cookies and will may have analytics data gathered that are strictly necessary for security and application performance. On request, this product may be configured to provide the user with a dialogue box which informs the user that the cookie is being set and obtains the user’s consent to the cookie. After the user has reviewed the notice and accepted the cookie, the user may continue to use the software product. The user may not use the product without the analytics data being gathered and cookies used.

First party cookies and related technologies

These cookies are stored for Mobile Web.


Cookie Name


More Information

Device Selector


Remembers which device a user chose on the splash page.

No personal information

Session hash

None. A vestige of old code


No personal information

iOS has less than five US clients with customizations that put cookies on the device. Android and Blackberry have no such customizations and have no cookies.

Third party cookies

Content and Tools used in conjunction with Blackboard products may install additional cookies on your computer. We have made an effort to collect and note these items below for disclosure. These cookies are subject to privacy policies of the issuing site or service and not controlled by Blackboard or the institution operating Blackboard software. Organizations using Blackboard products should examine the content provided and determine if this material is consistent with their privacy policies. If you do not agree with the use of cookies in the following manner, as well as outlined by the applicable organization which controls the cookie, do not use the applicable product.

Storage of user preferences and personal information

Users Preferences and Personal Information Stored Locally on your Computer or Terminal Device

Mobile Central for iOS , Android, and Blackberry store the following information on the device:



Potential for Disclosure to Other Users


Campus Selection

For multi-campus institutions, the preferred campus is stored on the device.

If your phone is stole, the thief would know what campus you are interested in. Low risk.

Uninstall the Application.

Users Preferences and Personal Information Stored On the Remote Server Supporting this Application



Potential for Disclosure


User Directory Information

OPTIONAL: Schools can opt to provide Mobile with an archive of their directory. In most cases, directory information is only stored on the client’s servers.

Information being provided is generally available. Anyone running Mobile Central can access it. In any case, disclosure would require breaching our data center. Low risk.

System Administrators may opt to have directory queries talk directly to their servers, rather than having us host the data.

Requesting removal of private information

To remove stored materials from this service contact your local institution.

Tracking of activities and usage

Mobile Central for iOS and Android capture usage analytics. This information is collected and shared consistent with the privacy policies noted above. The laws governing such a disclosure vary, depending on where the server is stored and the application is being used. You are advised to consult counsel of our choice regarding applicable laws and regulations. Blackboard may attempt to limit the disclosure of this information consistent with Blackboard’s legal advice and our privacy policies.