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Cookies and Privacy Information for Voice Authoring

Privacy overview

Date Published: 06-15-2012
Versions: N/A

The LTI integration for Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring and Wimba Classroom makes use of the following cookie and related technologies for the described purposes below. These disclosures are made consistent with Blackboard privacy policies and regulations such as the EU Privacy directive. For more information visit our Privacy Center at

About cookies

A cookie is a file issued from a website, Internet based application, or Internet delivered content to a end user’s connected device (e.g. web browser, smartphone, etc). Cookies may be used to uniquely identify a user. They may be used to track individual preferences and other information about a web user. Blackboard products use this technology to provide secure learning experiences, track usage and manage application performance. Third party content may be embedded on pages within Blackboard products. This third party content may include cookies from the content issuer. See third party cookies (below) for more details.

How this product obtains end user consent for cookies

A visitor connecting to the website that hosts this product will be issued cookies that are strictly necessary for security and application performance.

First party cookies and related technologies


Cookie Name


More Information

OAuth Session


Used by the OAuth Admin UI for the administration of OAuth consumer keys and secrets. This administration website is not available to the public. The cookie expires 3 hours from initial login.


LTI Session


Used to track the LTI sessions that a browser is permitted to access. This cookie is set after a successful bLTI launch request. This is a signed, base64-encoded list of opaque session identifiers. This cookie may be updated if the user launches new bLTI sessions. It expires when the browser is closed. Internally, the session identifiers are associated with the original BLTI launch data that was used to create the session, which includes the user's full name and e-mail address, and unique LMS identifiers (e.g. sourceid), the user's permitted roles (e.g. instructor, student), a "consumer key" which identifies the institution that requested the BLTI launch, and the id of the course the the user launches the BLTI session from. This data is temporarily persisted to disk between requests, but expires after a period of inactivity, and is not permanently stored on the server.


Clickstream id


This cookie is set after a successful BLTI launch request. This cookie is used to track user clickstreams for statistical purposes, and is recorded for each URL fetch in the access logs. It is a random id that is not associated with any other user identifiable data. This cookie expires when the browser is closed.


LTI Session (URL parameter)


Every URL in the application that requests session-specific data contains a sid parameter that must match one of the session ids listed in the wblti cookie.

Third party cookies

Content and Tools used in conjunction with Blackboard products may install additional cookies on your computer. We have made an effort to collect and note these items. These cookies are subject to privacy policies of the issuing site or service and not controlled by Blackboard or the institution operating Blackboard software. Organizations using Blackboard products should examine the content provided and determine if this material is consistent with their privacy policies. If you do not agree with the use of cookies in the following manner, as well as outlined by the applicable organization which controls the cookie, do not use the applicable product. No Third Party Cookies were commonly identified to be issued along with the LTI integration for Voice Authoring and Wimba Classroom.

Storage of user preferences and personal information

Users Preferences and Personal Information Stored Locally on your Computer or Terminal Device

This application does not store user preferences and / or personal information on the terminal device or computer that accesses this product.

Users Preferences and Personal Information Stored On the Remote Server Supporting this Application




Potential for Disclosure


User Directory Information



System Administrators may disable the user directory tool. End Users may modify the information disclosed from with in the options under “Personal Information”

Course Roster



System administrators and instructors may disable the course roster tool from individual courses or the entire Blackboard Learn application.








User Session




User Contributed Materials

Tests, Discussion Board Postings, Assignments, and other materials uploaded to the software

System administrators and instructors may disable the course roster tool from individual courses or the entire Blackboard Learn application.

Requesting removal of private information

To remove stored materials from this service contact your local institution.

Tracking of activities and usage

This software monitors your usage as your interact with it. This information is collected and shared consistent with the privacy policies noted above. The laws governing such a disclosure vary, depending on where the server is stored and the application is being used. You are advised to consult counsel of our choice regarding applicable laws and regulations. Blackboard may attempt to limit the disclosure of this information consistent with Blackboard’s legal advice and our privacy policies.