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Cookies and Privacy Information for Blackboard Vista

Privacy overview

Date Published:
Versions: 8.0.6, 8.0.5, 8.0.4

Bb Vista makes use of the following cookie and related technologies for the described purposes below. These disclosures are made consistent with Blackboard privacy policies and regulations such as the EU Privacy directive. For more information visit our Privacy Center at

About cookies

A cookie is a file issued from a issued from a website, Internet based application or Internet delivered content to a end user’s connected device (e.g. web browser, smartphone, etc). Cookies may be used to uniquely identify a user. They may be used to track individual preferences and other information about a web user. Blackboard products use this technology to provide secure learning experiences, track usage and manage application performance. Third party content may be embedded on pages within Blackboard products. This third party content may include cookies from the content issuer.

First party cookies


Cookie Name


Session id tracking


Used for session tracking. It keeps the information about the current user session so that the user does not need to identify themselves repeatedly. Nobody else can identify the user using this cookie. This is used by the weblogic server.

Login Learning Context Identifier


Stores the user’s originating institution so that the application does not need to re-prompt the user on a follow-up visit.

Authentication Source Type


Used to track whether the user logged in via Single Sign-on.

Proxy Tools


Used to uniquely identify the Proxy Tool instance for authentication.

User Duplicate Session Identifier


Used by the application to verify whether the user is still working in another session. If so, access to the entry page is limited.

Tracking of activities and usage

This software monitors your usage as your interactions with it. This information is collected and shared consistent with the privacy policies noted above. The laws governing such a disclosure vary, depending on where the server is stored and the application is being used. You are advised to consult counsel of our choice regarding applicable laws and regulations. Blackboard may attempt to limit the disclosure of this information consistent with Blackboard’s legal advice and our privacy policies.