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Connect Privacy Policy (Effective as of April 1, 2008)

This PRIVACY POLICY discloses the privacy practices for Blackboard Connect Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blackboard Inc. (Nasdaq: BBBB) and a Delaware corporation (Blackboard), with offices at 1111 19th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20006


"Client" refers to a natural person, entity, organization, or agency that has entered into a Client Services Agreement with Blackboard for the receipt of the Messaging Services, as such terms are described below. Certain portions of the Blackboard Website are available only to an Blackboard Client.

"Client Data" refers to contact information for the Client and the Client’s intended message recipients, which are provided to Blackboard by the Client pursuant to the provision of the Messaging Services. Client Data may or may not include, personally identifiable information. Client Data is imported from the client’s database into the Blackboard database via a secured connection on the Internet and over encrypted lines using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

"Blackboard Data" refers to contact information for the Client’s intended message recipients licensed to a Client by Blackboard, pursuant to the provision of the Messaging Services. Blackboard Data may or may not include personally identifiable information.

"Client Services Agreement" refers to the additional written contract executed by, and applicable to, a Client in receipt of the Messaging Services, either for a fee or no fee. These may be in the form of a Services Agreement, License Agreement, Trial Services Agreement, End User Services Agreement, Promotional Agreement, or any other written agreement between Blackboard and the Client. The AUP is incorporated by reference into the Client Services Agreement and vice versa.

"Client Terms" refers to the additional terms and conditions which are applicable to a Client and which supplement the Client Services Agreement ("Client Terms").

"Messaging Services" are available only to a Client who has executed a Client Services Agreement with Blackboard, and refer to any one or all of the services provided by Blackboard, which include, the Connect-ED® service (the "Connect-ED Service"), the Connect-CTY® service (the "Connect-CTY Service"), the Connect-MIL® service (the "Connect-MIL Service") the Connect-GOV® service (the "Connect-GOV Service") the Connect-ORG® service (the "Connect-ORG Service"), "TRY NOW" pages related to any of the aforementioned Connect- services, or any other notification service provided by Blackboard. The Messaging Services facilitate the dissemination of messages via varying communication media. The Client’s primary recourse in the event of any actual or potential threat to person or property, should be to contact First Responders such as, for example purposes only, 911, fire, police, emergency medical, and public health. The Messaging Services are intended to augment First Responder services that have already been notified and deployed and are not designed for use in high risk activities or in any other situation where failure of the Messaging Services could lead to death, personal injury, or damage to property, or where other substantial damage could result if an error occurred.

"Blackboard Services" refers to the Messaging Services and the Blackboard Website. The Client is responsible for installing, operating and maintaining the equipment, telephone, connection to the World Wide Web, and web browser interfaces, for access to, and use of, the Blackboard Services.

"Blackboard Website" refers to the web sites owned and operated by Blackboard, which include,,,,,,,, and any other website associated with the business of Blackboard, including "TRY NOW" websites pertaining to the aforementioned services. Any reference to the Blackboard Website includes any one, or all, of the aforementioned web sites, or any other Uniform Resource Locator ("URL") addresses with which Blackboard replaces or adds to, the aforementioned URLs.

"ACCEPTABLE USE" "AUP" refers to our policy on the acceptable use of the Blackboard Services. "User" refers to any natural person, entity, organization or agency which uses the Blackboard Website and/or the Messaging Services. Accordingly, a User may, or may not, be a Client.


  • Except as expressly stated otherwise in this PRIVACY POLICY, the singular includes the plural and the plural, the singular.
  • Any reference to the requirement for ‘written permission’, ‘written consent’, or ‘written authorization’ of Blackboard, refers expressly to written permission from the Blackboard Chief Operating Officer, the Blackboard Chief Executive Officer, or the Blackboard Chief Financial Officer.